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Start a career in aerial photography today and be licensed in two weeks or less!

With the FAA cracking down on unlicensed commercial drone use, be one of the few LICENSED operators in your area to cash in!

This course includes 240 actual FAA test questions in the included practice exams

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Practice Test based on the actual FAA questions!

What you will learn: 

1. Applicable Regulations

2. Airspace Classification, Operating Requirements, and Flight Restrictions

3. Aviation Weather Services & Effects of Weather on Small Unmanned Aircraft Performance

4. Small Unmanned Aircraft Loading

5. Emergency Procedures

6. Crew Resource Management

7. Radio Communication Procedures

8. Physiological Factors Affecting Pilot Performance

9. Aeronautical Decision-Making and Judgment

10. Flight Planning and Airport Operations

11. FAA Knowledge Test Prep 1

12. FAA Knowledge Test Prep 2

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Make $2000/ week, just photographing real estate. The possibilities are endless. Agriculture and roof inspections are also being done with drones.

FAA certified flight instructors with the Remote Pilot rating will teach you in video presentation, everything you need to know to pass your Remote Pilot exam and start making money with your drone! Commercial aerial photography is being taken over by drones, Now is the time to get started, as the industry booms. Get your license in 2 weeks!

Kenny Keller & Gary Cleveland

Amazon No. 1 Best Seller

Get a free PDF copy of Kenny and Gary's Best Selling book by clicking the link below!

Remote Pilot 107 Online. This book will help prepare you to take the FAA Knowledge Test for the Remote Pilot Airman Certificate sUAS rating.

Kenny Keller and Gary Cleveland are both FAA Certified Flight Instructors with the Remote Pilot Rating. They are both FAA Safety representatives. They have created a full online training course that accompanies their new book.

Their new book and online course helps people prepare for the Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft Systems FAA Knowledge Test.

This book is dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement who wish to use small unmanned aircraft systems as a tool to increase officer safety and benefit the public they serve every day.

This book and the complete online video course, Remote Pilot 107 Online, was inspired by police officers asking us for help in learning the knowledge needed to pass the FAA knowledge test for the Remote Pilot Certificate.

Kenny Keller was a police officer for 13 years and was a firearms instructor during that time. He owned and operated a heavy duty towing service also, before giving his dream of helicopter piloting full attention. Since that time he has accumulated 20yrs of helicopter instructor experience and also worked as a emergency medical services helicopter pilot for 5yrs. He poured all this experience into the creation of Helicopter Online Ground School that he launched in March of 2012. Which is an FAA certified online course for the WINGS program.

He has had the honor of being a guest instructor during the Helicopter Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic at Heli-Expo.

Co-author Gary Cleveland served 6 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Security Specialist before returning home and serving as a Police Officer for 24yrs.

He took his first helicopter ride with Kenny Keller in 2011 and began taking lessons thereafter.

He used Kenny’s original notebook to prepare for his first check ride in 2012. He then used Helicopter Online Ground School courses to get his commercial and instructor ratings.

He now works full time for Kenny Keller, as his Chief Pilot.

Click here for your free pdf copy!

Register Your Drone!

Anyone operating an unmanned aerial vehicle must register their drone with the Federal Aviation Administration. Even if you are only going to fly for recreation. Here is a free informative video to help.

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Normally 97.00, now only 49.00 until Midnight December 31st!

Normally 97.00, now only 49.00 until Midnight December 31st! Complete course with unlimited membership! You will nee...

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